The Sacramento Business Review (SBR) is a public service effort for the greater Sacramento region, originally founded by a group of visionary friends and colleagues in 2007. Our founding principle was to use our collective training as economists and Chartered Financial Analysts, as well as industry experiences, to produce a body of objective regional economic analysis to help educate and inform our community. Over the years, the all-volunteer effort has grown to a diverse team of more than fifteen dedicated members with various backgrounds in private industry and academia. During that time, our scope of research has increased to include proprietary measures of regional economic health, including the SBR Index and the Small Business Confidence Index as well as our newest additions, the Human Capital Index and the SBR/SAFE Credit Union Consumer Sentiment Survey.

The SBR is published on a semi-annual basis, with a more comprehensive forecast in January as well as a midyear update. Additionally, the team holds an annual event in each January, providing an economic review and forecast of the region. The event and publication would not be made possible without the generous support of our community, business and media partners. For more information on how to become a partner or to support our efforts, please click here.